Photo by the talented Brandy Lauren, 2017

Laura is a young, hyperminded brain behind "Into Eden" - this little blog on the internet aimed at sharing a lot of things that she can't share on her professional business page(s). She's a professional photographer & educator with her own studio in the heart of Antwerp.

She's born on 15th of march 2017 which makes her 26 at the present time. She studied half of her life at art schools, with her graduation year in the summer of 2015 in Antwerp after completing her three-year study at Karel de Grote Hogeschool. Her career choice is influenced heavily by the inspiration she finds in beauty all around her, art & culture and the constant craving off the "need to create".

Gaming, (Un)Healthy foods, watching series & the occassional firedancing & playing are also high on her list of passionated priorities. But mostly she's working behind her camera & cintiq companion creating the next photographic art piece to share with the world.

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