20 maart 2017

Little Rapunzel Steps

Sometimes, the things that have felt very common for me have become unusual and a little bit too ... much off an adventure. It's something I realised and might want to talk a bit about maybe later because it's a struggle I have about "how much should(n't) I adult? Thought thats for another blog.

The current big question was: "What shall I do with my hair?" - I'm not a shy one when it comes my hair & the cuts I do; the shorter the better is my thing (I tried growing it out for the mermaid-hair-braiding-goals but ... meh. It's not me. I do made a compromise right now to grow one side long & keep the other my lovely inch-short!).

The thing I've been wanting more than mermaid hair was a beautiful color. There is something that I've always found incredibly interesting about colored hair and considering 9/10 of my friendsgroup had/have pretty much (literally) a rainbow on their head. One after another or all at once: it's hard to resist to not follow the madness.

It's not that I never had it! In fact I had more than average (regular people of course. I will leave my current social group out because those ladies are pretty much insane): I had once bright green & black. I had little parts blue and red. I also once bleached my hair white (without taking care of it with all following results ... It's my source of "I don't want to bleach anymore" because my hair pretty much died of it. Yup. Thats what happens Laura ... Lazy bum). It left me in a state of wanting to have color for over 1.5 years now basically: I wanted to go back white or grey, maybe even throw a beautiful rust-orange-red. Didn't happen because the first would require some more bleaching, a lot of care & even more bleaching and honestly I don't feel like putting that much effort into it. And with my natural-face-complexion red might be a great option - if I do the full face makeup on a daily base - . Not happening either, even though I'm pretty much having my own tiny midlife crisis and I'm really enjoying a good makeup day (even if it's really basic). I'm not making myself any illusions.

However: I'm a natural blond. And even with unbleached hair ... pastels became an option. Also because: pastels wash out quickly. Which means I don't have to really settle-settle for a long time. Pastels come in a wide variety as well. I don't need to bleach. And I can settle on a lot of colors because off all the reasons mentioned above. So pastels slowly became a little obsession again ... And I decided to go for something easy: lavender hair.

I wanted to throw in some lavender directions & have at least that little bit of fun for maybe a week or two max. So I asked my dear friend Beli if she could help me out with dying & bring some leftover lavender that she had left as mine didn't arrive yet. When I went to the Kruidvat for gloves, I stumbled upon this "Colorista Washout" from L'Oreal. I've heard about it, I got curious. And I got myself two. This one & pastel blue.

Cuz why the **** not? It was my birthday week. Lets do a little yolo!

The one I decided to throw into my hair. I thought it would be a lavender-ish color (like it said on the box).
My original haircolor. Decided to use this epic photo by Brandy Lauren to show off my natural hair color.
 In the end, it turned out more grey-blue-silver with all kind of shades in between, changing color depending of the light as well. And I can't be more bloody happy about it! It will probably be out after a week or two max (hear me weep, please stay for at least a month or two!) but at the same time it's also a lot of fun: there are twelve colors in total and I feel an occassional "crazy pastel hair week" every month or two coming up just because why not?

It's such a small change but I haven't feel as confident and beautiful in over a year. It's strange because in the end; it's "just hair color" . I didn't loose the weight I need to loose, I haven't bought a new wardrobe, I didn't get a new haircut. I just threw some color in. And it's like a magick charm. Even a hot chocolat with marshamallows can't make me as happy as this hair-dye-do did to me right now. And its an amazing feeling to finally feel beautiful again.

Happy-Hair-Do ; can we also appreciate the gorgeous craftmanship around my neck from Cu Nature?

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