19 maart 2017

Birth(Day) Blogs

Here we are again. The 19th of march, watching Frontier while putting the last bits and pieces together in my head from my little birthday week. I turned 26 this week, the 15th to be exact. I still feel pretty weird as 26 is such an interesting number. Its creeping up the 27 ... and closer to 30. There is no "I'm still a young adult" anymore. It's that age where people wonder a great many things. It's that age where going out makes you tired at 3 in the night when a good year ago it was easily at 5 or 6 when the birds started singing in the morning you wondered where the night went too. I'm starting to look for those first wrinkles and wondering if I should buy "anti-age cream". It's that kind of age. Slowly but steady.

It's also my first blog since many years again. Maybe something impulsive, yet something I've been wanting for a long time. I miss blogging, I miss writing down these thoughts and looking back and sharing a great many things. Not like on my job, I share daily a lot of things there that are beautiful and inspiring and interesting (I hope). But this is different: I miss sometimes being able to share more beautiful things, thoughts, my upcoming beauty experiences and little moments to make people smile. I miss writing in general I think too. And starting a blog again when you just turned 26 as some kind of personal birthday present is amazing too.

This year, my birthday was divided over half a week (my favorite kind). Wednesday itself I met up with my oh so gorgeous boyfriend for a real 'adult' morning brunch in Tartine here in Antwerp. A little space I've seen many times already, always crowded as hell but never went too. It ended up being a bit decadent for our terms but that's what birthdays are for right? The older, the better. I think.
(Here are some little phone snaps)

We started off good: he choose fresh juice, I went for a very decadent white hot chocolat with more white chocolat and whipped cream. The sun started sneaking in as well so it was getting better by the second.
Our actual brunch. So good. Lots of nomming included. And more sun!
I'm a spring-and-summer-child. I need sun. I need warmth. There is nothing that makes me happier then being outside and warming up and enjoying those little moments. This was one of my top 3 favs from my birthday gifts, thanks Mother Nature!
We finished off with (for him) more fresh juice (I did end up stealing half if it, I'm good at stealing food from him. Especially nummie things like fresh juice!). I had a very good "sweet" tea, can't remember what was in there but it was lots of berries, carrot (I know right?), more nommie things. And some sun. Still. It was so good.

After I went home, ordered fish & chips for dinner through Deliveroo (seriously if you're in Antwerp & want to order in or go eat some good stuff: check Bia Mara!). For the rest of the day I ended up playing a great find in Fnac (for just 20 bucks!): Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft is a weak spot in gaming for me, it was one of my first "real" shooters/action & adventure games back in the early days. Including cheats, pointy boobs & weird graphics. And of course: locking in the butler in the fridge. Duh! I don't drink alcohol so I bought myself some "kids champagne" (themes was Frozen or Minions ... so it was a quick & easy decision) & enjoyed my birthday all on my own. It was good!

I haven't been gaming as much as I want so having a great excuse to myself like my birthday was thé opportunity for indulging myself for many hours straight of fun.

Of course, a birthday party isn't real as long as you haven't seen your friends. So I organised this saturday a little thing at my appartment with a little party-in-the-city afterwards (we went out until 3, being silly pants and dancing like the local derp confusing people). It was good. Just like gaming, thanks to work I barely to not saw them anymore and I feel making time for those things called "friendship" is something I should put high on my priority list.

Birthday table ! 

The birthday riddersquad team.
One of my lovely beauties had to leave a bit earlier & I didn't take photos when we where hanging around at the appartment. We didn't forgot to take an elevator selfie though. Below is my found-back-bestie Beli; which I've missed more then terribly. One of the things I've learned is that time goes fast & as freelancer, time goes even faster. Somehow months and years have flew by and we lost touch. Hopefully, the winds have brought us together now again now I realise there are equally as important things as owning my own business and that is spending time on the business called "yourself".

Oh I got a weird birthday present too, which is pretty much of an inside joke. I adore it for many wrong reasons!
Oh and last but not least: turns out my Mitmunk cyborg leggings are amazing under blacklight. I was a little attraction I think ... didn't think my attire through; as usual.This sums up my life. 

Handsome boyfriend & I just before we parted ways a few hours ago.
We are sunday afternoon now, I'm feeling pretty fine after the party and I'm still enjoying Frontier while wrapping up this blog. And admiring these pretty flowers my boyfrien gave me! One needs a lot of love as the shop really didn't take good care of them but it will be a little interesting projects to train my "not-so-green-fingers". I've developed this passion for flowers lately more & more (just like many other things. Like makeup. And hair ... I guess, turning 26 does make me more of an adult maybe. Or maybe, this is just a whole new adventure like this blog).

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